Biographies and Autobiographies of the West

Check out the latest holdings by the Autry National Center’s libraries, the Braun Research Library and the Autry Library, which hold one of the nation’s most comprehensive collections on Native American cultures and the history of the American West.

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In July 2012, catalogers added many biographies and autobiographies to the catalog of the Libraries and Archives of the Autry. Some highlights follow.

Autobiography of Lorenzo Waugh. San Francisco, Calif.: S.P. Taylor & Co., 1885.

Waugh was a Methodist missionary who worked among the Shawnee Indians in Missouri in the 1840s. He made the journey to California in 1852, traveling on the Overland Trail to San Francisco. He later settled in Petaluma Valley, on land given to him by General Vallejo, a personal friend.

Autobiography of Rev. Eugene Bononcini, D. D.: Early Kansas Missionary / Additions and Notes by W. W. Graves. St. Paul, Kan.: Journal Press, 1942.

Reverend Bononcini, a Catholic missionary, arrived at Leavenworth, Kansas, in 1866, served at Fort Scott, and was in charge of Osage Mission, Kansas. He later served in Toluca, Illinois, where he died on March 2, 1907.

Black Hawk’s Autobiography / Through the…

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