The Stats of the Union: 100 Best Ever Teen Novels

List of the Top 100 Young Adult books of all time compiled by NPR

Have you read any (or all) of the books on this list? Let us know your No. 1 pick in the comments below!

C.M. Spivey

NPR recently had over 75,000 people (myself included) vote for their favorite young adult novels ever. The list of choices was immense and I had a really difficult time limiting myself to the maximum ten votes. You can be sure, then, that the list is pretty comprehensive and a decent indicator of the kinds of things people like. Here is the final list they came up with.

While I was reading I noticed some definite trends going on, and I decided that it may be a good idea to actually find out what the statistics were. Were there more male or female authors, more male or female protagonists? What was the most popular genre? When were these novels published?

I have now spent several hours finding out those very things, and I am writing to share my findings with you.


I used the very sophisticated tally method, where I…

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