Check out this book trailer by the Platte Public Librarian Miranda Brumbaugh.

Cinder by Marissa Meyer, a book based on a fairy tale–Cinderella–with a sci-fi twist. Think dystopian in the vein of The Hunger Games and Divergent.

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Public Libraries and the Ebook War: The Big Six Finally Caved

E-Books and DemocracyFinally!

Public libraries will now have access to books published by the Big Six publishers: Penguin Group, Simon & Schuster, Hachette, Macmillan, Random House and HarperCollins.

What does this mean for you? If you are a library patron who has a eBook lending card for South Dakota Titles to Go, then you may finally be able to read your favorite authors on your eReader device.

“Negotiations between the nation’s libraries and the Big Six publishers… which publish roughly two-thirds of the books in America — have gone in fits and starts. Today Hachette, which had been a holdout, is joining the others in announcing that it will make e-books available to public libraries.”
Here is the rest of the story:

“E-Books and Democracy” The New York Times

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Tim O’Brien Tells a War Story (And Explains Why He Writes)

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The Good House, by Ann Leary

Would you like to see this book at your Platte Public Library? Leave a comment below!

Blogging for a Good Book

houseOf all the villains in modern literature, Daisy Buchanan has always been one I love to hate. As F. Scott Fitzgerald describes her, she’s so insulated from the world and from the consequences of her actions that she has no sense of right and wrong, and there’s no one willing to hold her to account. And that’s when she was surrounded by her social peers. Imagine if she lived in an ordinary place with ordinary people.

Hildy Good is (or was) the top-selling real estate broker in her seaside town. The town has been discovered by Boston’s wealthy, land and house prices have skyrocketed, and the quirky old-time residents are trying to hang on in the face of the invasion. The McAllisters, one of the newcomer families, have profited enormously by Brian’s management of a hedge fund (and other money-making silent partnerships), but they’re regular folks and Hildy is…

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Grave Mercy

This looks interesting! Anyone read this or would like to see at Platte Public Library?

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Order of Darkness: Changeling by Philippa Gregory Book Review

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Top Ten Dystopian Characters

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Prisoner B-3087 by Alan Gratz Book Review

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Let’s Go Hugo! by Angela Dominguez


9780803738645 hugoHugo is not your typical bird.  He prefers the ground and doesn’t fly (and no, he’s not a penguin).  Set in the beautiful backdrop of Paris, Hugo is working on his masterpiece of the Eiffel Tower.  Lulu, a bird passing by, stopped to admire his work and told Hugo that she knew what he was making and that she knew where it was.  Lulu wanted him to fly with her to see it.  Hugo, not liking to fly, begins plotting to stall.

He suggests that they walk around the park first.  While there, they indulge in some popcorn, play in a water fountain and watch a ballet.  Throughout their day, Lulu keeps asking Hugo if he’s ready to go.  Night falls and Lulu points out that if they want to see the Tower, they really need to go soon.  Hugo says that it’s too dangerous to fly at night and…

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New Books In!


We’ve got some great new books in this week. Come by and check out the selection! You’ll find plenty of reading to snuggle up to this holiday when you aren’t busy baking gingerbread men or wrapping gifts.





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A Homestead Holiday

The Platte Public Library hosted one of the highlights of the fall social scene in Platte, SD–A Homestead Holiday. On November 28, 2012 nearly 200 guests dined at 24 well dressed themed tables. We were honored to have South Dakota author Steve Riedel as our guest speaker, and Carol Weins did an amazing job with the music she provided on her accordion. MC Harry Koops really brought the house down with his humorous antics.  Plus, we had more than a dozen vendors including:

Look at the beautifully decorated tables that volunteers created for the event!
























Author Steve Riedel and wife Marietta

Author Steve Riedel and wife Marietta

Librarian Miranda Brumbaugh and Library Director Anita Nachtigal

Librarian Miranda Brumbaugh and Library Director Anita Nachtigal

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New Books! New Books at the Library!

Attention! Attention! We have several new and exciting titles at the library. Check it out!

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Ray Bradbury’s Library education served him well indeed!


RB: When I left high school, I had all my plans to go to college, but I had no money. And I decided then, the best thing for me to do is not worry about getting money to go to college — I will educate myself. I walked down the street, I walked into a library, I would go to the library three days a week for ten years and I would educate myself. It’s all FREE, that’s the great thing about libraries! Most of you can afford to go to college, but if you wanna educate yourself completely, go to the library and educate yourself. When I was 28 years old, I graduated from Library.

“I graduated from Library,” what a great statement to come from one of my favorite authors (Fahrenheit 451 is my all time favorite book), especially when I am process of (hopefully) graduating from a…

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A Homestead Holiday

The Friends of the Library


A Homestead Holiday

November 27 @ the Community Center

  • Themed Dining Tables
  • Full Course Meal
  • Vendor Tables

Guest Speaker and South Dakotan

Author Steve Riedel

Meal tickets to the event will be $15 per person for a full course dinner.

All proceeds will go to buy reading materials for the Platte Public Library.


If you are willing to help the library by decorating a table:

  • You can use any theme–some ideas to get you started include a sports team, pheasants, fishing, a social club, the beach, Christmas, apples, dolls, New Year’s, etc.
  • No charge for decorating a table

If you would like to rent a vendor table:

  • Ideal way to sell your goods & promote your business to holiday shoppers
  • Tables will be provided
  • $15 per vendor

Contact the library @ 337-9869 to sign up & for details

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