Celebrating April with Patriotism

monthofthemilitarychildiconApril is the Month of the Military Child.


At the Platte Public Library we are teamed up with Operation Books for Soldiers, an online forum that connects book donors with deployed soldiers, airmen, sailors, Marines, or Coast Guardsmen who have an APO or FPO address.

Anyone including you can sign up to donate items that you will ship directly to particular soldiers active in the U.S. military. Deployed soldiers post lists of reading material including nonfiction and fiction books, as well as magazines, that they would love to receive. You fulfill their requests that help our soldiers breathe a little easier while on tours of duty to places like Afghanistan and Germany.

Additionally, you can request for soldiers who are looking for pen pals. This is a great way to encourage your children to pick up a pen while offering much needed social support to soldiers who are often in very dangerous and isolating circumstances.

As part of this program, here at the library we have packed 12 large USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes with a total of more than 200 books. In each box we’ve tucked a few stuffed animals to use as filler and for the soldiers to give to children they meet while stationed abroad. Here at the library we had plenty of extra books to send out, but we’ve asked for donations to cover the shipping costs. So far we have enough money to cover shipping for 10 boxes! We expect to get enough money to ship the entire dozen by the end of the month. Each box costs $14.85 to ship via the USPS.

We have a donation box at the front desk of the Platte Public Library, if you would like to donate. If you have any questions, please contact the librarians at 605-337-9869 for more information.

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April Story Time: Patriotism and American Heroes


To tie in children with this month’s project, Operation Books for Soldiers for the Month of the Military child, our April Storytime theme will be Patriotism and American Heroes. Join us April 26 at 10:30 for stories and activities. We will be making our own crayons using recycled library crayons, which we’ll then use to create greeting cards to send to troops in Afghanistan. It will be an exciting morning!

For story time we will be reading:




america's white table





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Come Visit the Platte Library Readers’ Lounge and Kids’ Corner

ImageIn case you’ve been hiding under a pile of snow, which is all too possible, you are aware of what is going on at the Platte Public Library. We have made major changes to the library.

Now when you want to come in and put your feet up with a good book or magazine, you can do it in our Readers’ Lounge. A comfy set up featuring three couches and a coffee table is located in the Community Room in the back of the library. There is also a computer with Internet access located in the lounge.

We also have a Kids’ Corner suited with bean bags and a colorful rug. While you sit and browse a magazine, your kids can grab a book from the children’s section and read in their own space.

Bring your own book or borrow one of ours. The Readers’ Lounge and Kids’ Corner is also available for meetings and social activities. Got a club meeting coming up or need somewhere to meet for your bible study group? Contact the Platte Librarians to use our space!

The Readers’ Lounge and Kids’ Corner will be open during regular library hours, which are Monday to Friday 12:30 to 5:30. For use of the space when the library is closed, please make arrangements with the librarians.

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Best Library Quote Ever

Wilson K.


Will libraries survive the next generation? Only time will tell.

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Ebooks won’t be the death of us!

Tararua District Library : Te Whare Pukapuka o Tararua

For those who are worried that ebooks may spell the demise of public libraries, there are several reports (such as the one below) that indicate that, in fact, more people are using libraries in new ways.  So even if physical book issues do diminish, libraries still remain important.

New Tech City: New Report on Libraries Transforming in the Digital Age – WNYC.

Libraries are about disseminating knowledge and information, and often provide other resources for the community to use – they are not simply a repository for books. For example, in Tararua District we provide free fast broadband computers and free unlimited wifi at all our branches, and free ebooks also. We have books of course, plus newspapers, comics, jigsaws, DVDs, magazines, and people come to use those as well as meet friends or relax in the space.

Levin’s new facility Te Takere is a good example of what can be achieved.  Although containing…

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Book Club Picks for February-March

Our library book club, open to all individuals in the community, will meet on March 18 at 7 pm at the Platte Public Library. The books up for discussion include The Book Thief and Sarah’s Key. Both of these books are based on World War II with a focus on the Nazis in Europe. We are looking forward to an interesting discussion!

These books are available at the Platte Public Library. Also, you can check out The Book Thief on the OverDrive program with South Dakota Titles to Go. If you haven’t signed up for this eBook lending program, contact your librarians today so you can start checking out books on your eReader!




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Story Time at the Library

Heart House Village

Heart House Village

For January our library celebrated LOVE during Story Time. Story Time is open to children of all ages, and it is held on the last Friday of each month at 10:30 am. Look in the Platte Enterprise and for signs at the post office in Platte announcing each month’s theme. For February we are meeting on Feb. 22 at 10:30 and our theme will be Getting Healthy with the Berenstain Bears!


So in keeping with the love theme, we made heart houses, exchanged Valentines, and read lots of love-themed books. Check out some of our houses and readers!

Ashelynne read to our group. She is just starting to read chapter books, and for her to have the experience to read to this group was wonderful for her and the other children.
Listening to a good story

Listening to a good story by one of our moms, Corinne

Making the heart houses

Making the heart houses

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A Montage of Library Clips from Old Movies/TV Shows

This video montage cuts through culture with clips from films and television shows featuring libraries in their finest hours. Awesomeness for your weekend!

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The Word ‘Hobbit’

Interesting Literature

The word ‘hobbit’ was supposedly invented by J. R. R. Tolkien. This fact both is and is not true. To explain why this is the case (or isn’t the case) we must do a bit of delving into the world of witchcraft …

hobbit1Tolkien’s book was published in 1937, but since the first part of the film has recently come out, the present moment seems like a good time to reflect upon the word that features in the title of Tolkien’s book. So where did it come from? The famous story is that Tolkien, while marking some of his students’ papers in Oxford one day, came to a blank sheet which had not a single word written on it. Out of nowhere – or so it seemed – he had a flash of inspiration, and hastily scribbled down the sentence, ‘In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.’ That line…

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New Books In!


We’ve got some great new books in this week. Come by and check out the selection! You’ll find plenty of reading to snuggle up to this holiday when you aren’t busy baking gingerbread men or wrapping gifts.





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A Homestead Holiday

The Platte Public Library hosted one of the highlights of the fall social scene in Platte, SD–A Homestead Holiday. On November 28, 2012 nearly 200 guests dined at 24 well dressed themed tables. We were honored to have South Dakota author Steve Riedel as our guest speaker, and Carol Weins did an amazing job with the music she provided on her accordion. MC Harry Koops really brought the house down with his humorous antics.  Plus, we had more than a dozen vendors including:

Look at the beautifully decorated tables that volunteers created for the event!
























Author Steve Riedel and wife Marietta

Author Steve Riedel and wife Marietta

Librarian Miranda Brumbaugh and Library Director Anita Nachtigal

Librarian Miranda Brumbaugh and Library Director Anita Nachtigal

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New Books! New Books at the Library!

Attention! Attention! We have several new and exciting titles at the library. Check it out!

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Ray Bradbury’s Library education served him well indeed!


RB: When I left high school, I had all my plans to go to college, but I had no money. And I decided then, the best thing for me to do is not worry about getting money to go to college — I will educate myself. I walked down the street, I walked into a library, I would go to the library three days a week for ten years and I would educate myself. It’s all FREE, that’s the great thing about libraries! Most of you can afford to go to college, but if you wanna educate yourself completely, go to the library and educate yourself. When I was 28 years old, I graduated from Library.

“I graduated from Library,” what a great statement to come from one of my favorite authors (Fahrenheit 451 is my all time favorite book), especially when I am process of (hopefully) graduating from a…

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A Homestead Holiday

The Friends of the Library


A Homestead Holiday

November 27 @ the Community Center

  • Themed Dining Tables
  • Full Course Meal
  • Vendor Tables

Guest Speaker and South Dakotan

Author Steve Riedel

Meal tickets to the event will be $15 per person for a full course dinner.

All proceeds will go to buy reading materials for the Platte Public Library.


If you are willing to help the library by decorating a table:

  • You can use any theme–some ideas to get you started include a sports team, pheasants, fishing, a social club, the beach, Christmas, apples, dolls, New Year’s, etc.
  • No charge for decorating a table

If you would like to rent a vendor table:

  • Ideal way to sell your goods & promote your business to holiday shoppers
  • Tables will be provided
  • $15 per vendor

Contact the library @ 337-9869 to sign up & for details

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Time for a study in Shakespeare…Cheers and happy autumn!

A Cheery Beggar

Fallen leaves dry and crunch in the cool mornings. Night comes quicker and crisper. Autumn approaches. ‘Tis the season for Shakespeare’s Sonnet 73.

This post will provide a close reading of Sonnet 73. “Close reading” a work means carefully considering the sounds and structures and senses of language that the writer chooses to convey his meaning. Shakespeare’s Sonnet 73 is one of the richest works I’ve encountered, and its imagery fits perfectly into this fall season.

First, here’s some background on the sonnet form:

Sonnets are tightly structured rhyming poems that traditionally speak about love. The term “sonnet” comes from the Italian sonetto which means “little song.” Sonnets first appeared around 1200 and were popularized by Francesco Petrarch (born in Tuscany in 1304). In an Italian or ‘Petrarchan’ sonnet, the first eight lines present some problem and the last six lines offer a solution. A shift or turn between problem…

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