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On a bike ride on the northern outskirts of Fort Collins, we were surprised to find this welcoming sight. This little “take a book, leave a book” library made us smile to see the community sharing and encouraging literature in one another. What fantastic idea!

Tell us how your community works to support literature and the arts and we’ll share it with everyone! Just email us at

Hope you are all well, Harbinger fans! Keep those submissions coming. It has been such a thrill to read your work so far.

Until the next, Happy Creating!

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Ebooks won’t be the death of us!

Tararua District Library : Te Whare Pukapuka o Tararua

For those who are worried that ebooks may spell the demise of public libraries, there are several reports (such as the one below) that indicate that, in fact, more people are using libraries in new ways.  So even if physical book issues do diminish, libraries still remain important.

New Tech City: New Report on Libraries Transforming in the Digital Age – WNYC.

Libraries are about disseminating knowledge and information, and often provide other resources for the community to use – they are not simply a repository for books. For example, in Tararua District we provide free fast broadband computers and free unlimited wifi at all our branches, and free ebooks also. We have books of course, plus newspapers, comics, jigsaws, DVDs, magazines, and people come to use those as well as meet friends or relax in the space.

Levin’s new facility Te Takere is a good example of what can be achieved.  Although containing…

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Book Club Picks for February-March

Our library book club, open to all individuals in the community, will meet on March 18 at 7 pm at the Platte Public Library. The books up for discussion include The Book Thief and Sarah’s Key. Both of these books are based on World War II with a focus on the Nazis in Europe. We are looking forward to an interesting discussion!

These books are available at the Platte Public Library. Also, you can check out The Book Thief on the OverDrive program with South Dakota Titles to Go. If you haven’t signed up for this eBook lending program, contact your librarians today so you can start checking out books on your eReader!




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Story Time at the Library

Heart House Village

Heart House Village

For January our library celebrated LOVE during Story Time. Story Time is open to children of all ages, and it is held on the last Friday of each month at 10:30 am. Look in the Platte Enterprise and for signs at the post office in Platte announcing each month’s theme. For February we are meeting on Feb. 22 at 10:30 and our theme will be Getting Healthy with the Berenstain Bears!


So in keeping with the love theme, we made heart houses, exchanged Valentines, and read lots of love-themed books. Check out some of our houses and readers!

Ashelynne read to our group. She is just starting to read chapter books, and for her to have the experience to read to this group was wonderful for her and the other children.
Listening to a good story

Listening to a good story by one of our moms, Corinne

Making the heart houses

Making the heart houses

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Tenley-Friendship Library, Washington, D.C., by The Freelon Group.

Tenley-Friendship Library, Washington, D.C., by The Freelon Group.

Credit: Mark Herboth Photography

Derived from the image of an open book, the design of Washington DC’s Tenley-Friendship Neighborhood Library showcases contrasting opacity and transparency. The building’s windowless exterior on the south and west sides wraps and protects the library akin to the cover of a book. In contrast, the north and east elevations of the building exhibit a transparent, visually porous skin, welcoming pedestrians traveling along Wisconsin Avenue and Albemarle Street. Perforated vertical fins are positioned along the length of these facades, allowing for shading while reinforcing openness and accessibility. This approach provides the reading rooms and stack areas with diffused natural light and minimal glare.

For more details and images of Tenley-Friendship Library, visit ARCHITECT’s Project Gallery. 

Visit the ARCHITECT Project Gallery main page to add your own user-generated architecture.

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A Montage of Library Clips from Old Movies/TV Shows

This video montage cuts through culture with clips from films and television shows featuring libraries in their finest hours. Awesomeness for your weekend!

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Happy Library Lovers’ Month!

Prescott Publishing

Did you know that February is National Library Lovers’ Month? How about celebrating by taking a couple of books (or a whole shelf!) out of cold storage and reading the thoughts between their covers? If I were a book, that would certainly make me happy!
Looking for more ways to celebrate? Check out this article for a lengthy list of ideas for supporting your local library and fostering literacy and a love for reading in your own community.

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Let’s Go Hugo! by Angela Dominguez


9780803738645 hugoHugo is not your typical bird.  He prefers the ground and doesn’t fly (and no, he’s not a penguin).  Set in the beautiful backdrop of Paris, Hugo is working on his masterpiece of the Eiffel Tower.  Lulu, a bird passing by, stopped to admire his work and told Hugo that she knew what he was making and that she knew where it was.  Lulu wanted him to fly with her to see it.  Hugo, not liking to fly, begins plotting to stall.

He suggests that they walk around the park first.  While there, they indulge in some popcorn, play in a water fountain and watch a ballet.  Throughout their day, Lulu keeps asking Hugo if he’s ready to go.  Night falls and Lulu points out that if they want to see the Tower, they really need to go soon.  Hugo says that it’s too dangerous to fly at night and…

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We all have habits. Some are good and some are not so good, but it’s amazing to consider how much of our lives are given over to them. We get up in the morning and activate those circuits and we’re off. If you doubt how much habits rule you, just try to change something. Do your morning routine or just a couple of things out-of-order and see how discombobulated you become. What’s that saying? We are creatures of habit.

In The Power of Habit, New York Times reporter, Charles Duhigg, discusses why habits exist and how they can be changed. The power to transform habits allows individuals, organizations, and societies to implement changes.     

In part one of the book, we learn about the habits of the individual. The author delves into the neuroscience of the habit loop and how cravings are created. The real insight here is that habits…

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The Word ‘Hobbit’

Interesting Literature

The word ‘hobbit’ was supposedly invented by J. R. R. Tolkien. This fact both is and is not true. To explain why this is the case (or isn’t the case) we must do a bit of delving into the world of witchcraft …

hobbit1Tolkien’s book was published in 1937, but since the first part of the film has recently come out, the present moment seems like a good time to reflect upon the word that features in the title of Tolkien’s book. So where did it come from? The famous story is that Tolkien, while marking some of his students’ papers in Oxford one day, came to a blank sheet which had not a single word written on it. Out of nowhere – or so it seemed – he had a flash of inspiration, and hastily scribbled down the sentence, ‘In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.’ That line…

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My Number One Source

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A Green Thumb And A Good Book

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Online flirting in the Library

Karlijn de Wit

A new online dating revolution is going on in The Netherlands! An anonymous group of people set up a series of facebook pages for each University Library, called ‘gespot: UB’ (= Spotted: University Library). Each University’s got it’s own ‘gespot’ page. Students can send (romantic) messages to this page, which will be posted anonymously by the page administrator. The pages were booming (4.500 likes in 24 hours in Amsterdam!) and even the Dutch media paid attention to the initiative. The Delft version of the page was launched on 19 December, but only really took off from 5 January onwards. We’re counting almost 3.000 fans now and about 4.000 people are ‘Talking About This’. An extremely high interaction rate!

Sharing a bit of fun
In our content strategy for the TU Delft page we are always trying to obtain a healthy mix of:
– Science and Innovations
– Campus activities
– Social…

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The Trust has created a swishwiffling new Roald Dahl themed library in Dowlais Primary School!


With the help and incredible talent of the art students and staff at Pen y Dre High School, the community has pulled together once again to help the Trust achieve yet another beautiful and imaginative space for children to read, write and let their imaginations soar.


The launch of the library took place on December the 19th and was attended by the Mayor of Merthyr Tydfil Lisa Mytton, Trust Founder Vanessa Jones and of course all of your favourite Roald Dahl characters from the huge BFG to tiny Matilda!



DSCF3919Pupils from Pen y Dre have agreed to become reading mentors; working in the school with the children to encourage a positive and enjoyable attitude towards reading and literacy in…

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